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VMom handles full color printing of postcards and a whole lot more. We help you set up an effective direct mail marketing plan and we are unique in that we truly care about your results and helping you grow your business.

So, you're interested in postcards? Great! That is exactly what we do best. The following is the basic information you need in order to get started with VMom.

We Handle the Entire Order
VMom take care of the entire postcard printing process for you. We will design, print, address and mail your postcards and you won't have to lift a finger. Take advantage of all of our services or pick and choose the ones that fit your marketing plan and budget!


Minimum Order Size and Pricing
Our full color postcard printing is done in increments of 500 - That means our minimum order is 500.

We offer various sizes of postcards suit your needs....
>4x6" Postcards
>5x7" Postcards
>DL Postcards (210x99mm)

<Other Sales Generator

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